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A judgment by a credit card company can actually be worse for your credit than filing bankruptcy. Many of our bankruptcy clients report repairing their credit in less than 3 years, following a successful bankruptcy.

Contrary to popular belief, in a bankruptcy, you may be able to keep your car, home, or other goods.

Once you have filed for bankruptcy, any pending lawsuits against you by creditors will be halted immediately. This also stops the harassing and threatening phone calls which creditors and collection agencies often rain down upon you. After you have filed for a bankruptcy, creditors and collection agencies can no longer attempt to contact you.

Debt Consolidation Agencies:

Most so-called debt consolidation agencies are not "non-for-profit" organizations, and may actually damage your credit even further. Many debt consolidation agencies are often paid by credit card companies or take a portion of your payments.

Are you aware that Florida has some of the most debtor-friendly laws in the United States?

There are two basic types of cases most individuals file (Chapter 7's and Chapter 13's), and a third kind some people rarely file (Chapter 11's).

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is generally for when people make under a certain amount. - (Click here to see that amount - click on "Median Family Income Based on State/Territory") - or when we find other ways that person may fit into a 7. In a Chapter 7, someone will usually pay very little or nothing in and finish 4-6 months later discharging debts on all of those things they do not wish to keep, except student loans and many types of IRS debts.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is usually used to allow someone to focus on catching up their home payments, "stripping" second mortgages off their homes, or otherwise surrendering real estate or discharging credit card debt where someone either makes over a certain income or owns things that would have otherwise been taken by the Trustee in a Chapter 7.

There may be many other Bankruptcy issues that may have to be addressed, depending upon your unique circumstances and how the bankruptcy laws apply to your current situation.

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